SK Shielders digital security care for small business owners and the self-employed

Demand for digital transformation surges due to rising labor costs and job shortages
Introduced products and solutions such as AI CCTV, serving robot, and all-in-one door lock
Effects such as lower labor cost, tight security, and provision of business insights

According to the National Statistical Office, in the third quarter of last year, the number of unfilled food service positions (people who could not be hired despite active recruitment efforts by businesses) reached 15,000. Among the 34 occupations, the increase was the largest compared to the same period last year.

Labor costs, which had been skyrocketing for the past few years, are skyrocketing with the addition of labor shortages. To make things worse, even fuel costs such as food materials, gas, and electricity have increased significantly since last year, and the pain of small business owners and self-employed people has increased.

As a result, there is a clear trend among business owners to go beyond ‘alternatives’ and switch to ‘digital’ as a ‘self-rescue measure’.

Among them, interest in ‘AI CCTV’ (artificial intelligence closed circuit television) and ‘serving robot’ is increasing. This is because it can play various roles on behalf of people in relation to store operation, and it is possible to achieve operational stability and cost reduction.

 Real life care platform company, joined hands with Hana Financial Group to recruit participants for the ‘Small Business Digital Transformation Support Project’ in January, and about 2.5 times more were received than the number recruited.

With the help of SK Shielders, we take a look at transformable digital-based products and solutions in the security and care fields that are well received by business owners.

◇Security is only a part… ‘Caps View Guard AI’

CCTV has faithfully performed the role of a ‘sheriff’ to prevent crimes and various accidents such as assault, theft, and property damage in stores.

AI CCTV does not stop here. It provides video data analysis services based on cloud and mobile to make store management smart.

SK Shielders launched Caps ViewGuard AI, a state-of-the-art security solution that not only provides real-time monitoring and security necessary for store operation, but also provides quick and accurate video search and rich business insights using collected video data.

If an outsider shows suspicious behavior, such as intruding into a pre-set prohibited area, AI CCTV detects it and immediately sends a ‘notification’ message to the owner.

It can be useful in unmanned stores without a resident manager, stores that are sensitive to intrusion by outsiders such as jewelry dealers, and stores where surveillance is not smooth due to lack of workers.

If necessary, business owners can designate the desired date and time with the AI intelligent video analysis function, categorize objects such as people, vehicles, and two-wheeled vehicles, or specify keywords such as colors to search. You can check the video information you want quickly and easily.

In particular, it is helpful to find opportunities to create additional sales by analyzing the types of store visitors from various angles, such as the number of visitors, the number of visitors compared to the previous day, and the time of day with the most visitors.

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