Czech smart door lock market trend

Change from existing keys to smart home and door locks, increasing demand for new adoption

Consumers pay attention to remote control, history management, security, installation convenience, compatibility, etc.


In the door lock market, Europe and the Czech Republic are also highly dependent on the existing key method compared to Asian countries due to their unique conservative tendencies, and the penetration rate of smart door locks is still very low. Changes are being detected in the Czech door lock market.

A smart door lock is a door lock that operates by applying a smartphone, a PIN (password), and a chip method using wireless communication such as WiFi and Bluetooth. As the adoption of smart home systems increases in the Czech Republic, interest in smart door locks is also growing. It is still common for most existing homes and offices to use multiple keys, but the adoption of smart (digital) door locks is on the rise, centered on new homes, offices, and hotels. For reference, the Czech Republic is known as a country with well-equipped ICT technology and infrastructure in Europe.

The smart home market in the Czech Republic is also growing as the use of lighting, entertainment devices, and home appliances that adopt IoT and AI are expanding and the use of smart methods is increasing. According to market research firm Statista, the size of the Czech smart home market (excluding B2B and C2C markets) grew by 52.7% year-on-year to $112.83 million in 2021. It is analyzed that interest in smart home devices increased as time spent at home increased during the pandemic. Statista predicts that the Czech smart home market will continue to grow at double digits every year, reaching $250 million by 2026.

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