Increase support for ‘smart doorbell’ and ‘home CCTV’, which have become necessities for single-person households

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to support smart doorbells (left) and home CCTVs (right) for all single-person households. For victims of stalking crimes, a digital door lock (center) is provided that closes the door immediately without delay. Provided by Seoul


Support for installing safety devices will be greatly expanded for single-person households who are anxious about being exposed to crimes such as home invasion and stalking.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 10th that starting this year, all single-person households will be eligible for support for smart doorbells that allow users to check the status of the front door with a smartphone before and after returning home, as well as closed-circuit (CC) TV for home use to check the inside of the house when out of the house.

The range, which had been limited to single-person households living in small rental housing, will be released, and criteria for selection will be prepared considering regional characteristics, housing type, and income level among all single-person households regardless of whether or not they are renting. In particular, doorbells and CCTVs were required to be included in the support items that differed from district to district. This is because it was judged to be most effective in preventing residential intrusion.

In addition to the two items, self-defense alarms and window locks can be determined by each district.

The voice recognition emergency bell, which was applied to stores with crime victims or single-woman stores in vulnerable areas, is also provided to victims of stalking crimes (including persons subject to personal protection). If you press the emergency bell or shout “save people” on the terminal, a report is received to the CCTV control center of the autonomous district and the police are dispatched to the scene. A digital door lock that implements a locking function as soon as the front door is closed is also supported.

“Existing door locks are locked at intervals of 2 to 3 seconds, so we expect that the perpetrator of the stalking crime will have the effect of fundamentally blocking the occurrence of a crime by forcefully pushing in while the door is closed,” explained a Seoul city official.

Applications for safe device support are accepted through the website of each ward office starting this month. Schedules, application standards, procedures, and methods may vary by region.

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